ResearchTalks is a cultural and science speed-dating event organised twice a year on various topics. During the evening 5 to 6 speakers present their point of view in 12 minutes with slides full of pictures. The event is free! We want you to enjoy your evening and learn things!


ResearchTalks presents an interdisciplinary vision of a topic of society or of research. We aim to link technologyphilosophy, and innovation during our talks. We create a networking space for the communities of alumni, students, researchers and enthusiasts. We want you to discover new things, meet interesting people, and to share knowledge. 


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We are two engineers, passionate about the sharing and the learning and the meeting of the world. We love working for our community and we love working together! We don’t do this for money, or for the (little) fame, but for the excitement of bringing people together around a ResearchTalks theme. We both have busy professional lives, and the ResearchTalks is an after-hours project. We don’t belong to any university or alumni organisation, the project is independently managed. Feel free to join and help.



Each ResearchTalks evening is split in three parts:

  • Part 1: About an hour of presentations with 4 to 6 speakers, 20 images in 12 minutes for each talk. It makes the presentations short, dynamic and creates interest for the second part! “LEARN”
  • Part 2: Discussion-Debate between the speakers themselves and between the speakers and the audience. “INTERROGATE”
  • Part 3: Networking drink and informal discussion between the speakers and the audience. “SHARE”