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Economic Armageddon

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On March 12th, ResearchTalks will focus on the economic problems we are currently facing. Among the topics to be discussed, there will be: the state of the financial market, the [global] financial crisis, the emerging powers…

The whole world has been concerned by the recent economic crisis. But what can we expect in the next few months? How should we react to these series of inflations and recessions? Should we trust rating agencies? What will be the future of the financial market economy? During this third episode of ResearchTalks, we will talk about problems of the current [global] economy, the questions that arise, the ethics of different actors worldwide and the evolution of the financial economics.

“Economic Armageddon” will feature speakers such as Bruno Colmant, author of many financial publications, Christian Arnsperger, economist and philosopher, Jennifer Nille, journalist specialized in financial markets, Pierre Devolder, professor in actuarial sciences, Bernard Dewit, chairman of the Belgian – Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Sylvie Focquet, quantitative risk analyst, and Olivier Bonfond, economist at the CADTM. This conference will bring a new view of economics. It will stir up some heated debate!

FREE ticket but subscription MANDATORY.

 Economic Armageddon

Discover the speakers.


19.00 – Welcome
19.30 – Talks

  • Pierre Devolder, “Risk modelling: Is finance compatible with mathematics?”
  • Jennifer Nille, “Markets in the dark: The rise of the robot market”
  • Sylvie Focquet, “Dependency on rating agencies : Can we trust them?”
  • Olivier Bonfond, “Devons-nous payer la dette?
  • Bernard Dewit, “China’s role in today’s world changing economy: Friend or Foe?” 
  • Bruno Colmant, “Les prochaines conflagrations économiques”
  • Christian Arnsperger, “Transition to a green economy”

21.00 – Q&A session moderated by Nicolas Stievenard
21.45 – Networking Drink

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