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Slides – ResearchTalks Vol. 2

Missed the talks on Monday 10/10/’11? We have published the slides on slideshare
and below the summary.

Laurent Francis, Lab on a chip … or chip in the lab ?

Medical and environmental diagnosis is benefiting from the recent efforts in device miniaturization and nanobiotechnology. Small devices able to analyze minute amounts of patient samples have gone their way in laboratories. Those devices are called “lab on a chip” or “µTAS” (micro total analysis system). Their purpose is a faster and easier detection of cancer markers, pathogens, bacteria, etc … for healthcare, food analysis and the overall environmental quality. Despite their high potential value, most of the designed and fabricated devices are still at the research level and remain as “chips in the lab”. The presentation goes over the current trends in lab on a chip..

Christine Dupont, From the design of smart surfaces to tissue engineering

Tissue engineering is a promising approach to repair damaged or diseased tissues. While cells are usually seeded in a scaffold before implantation, the production of cell sheets constitutes an alternative offering many advantages. The harvesting of such cell sheets is however challenging. Recently, smart surfaces have been elaborated, that allow intact cell sheets to be collected by means of a simple temperature change.

Jean Delbeke, Neural stimulation, challenges and success

Hercules Pereira Neves,  Interfacing with individual cells in the brain
Due to NDA restrictions at IMEC, slides will not be shared. However, one can find some research works from the author at the NeuroProbes Consortium website.