RT5 photos, to remember a great evening!

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Planet, What’s going on with my food?

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Food is at the heart of our well being. This is why Researchtalks is organizing a panel around agriculture and food on May 13. We are lucky to invite incredible speakers such as Olivier De Schutter, from the UN; Brandon Mitchener, from Monsanto; Claude Pohlig from the Slow Food movement; Alain Laigneaux from the Belgian Development Agency; Christian Hermans from the Lab of plants physiology of the ULB; and Alok Nandi, organizer of Pecha Kucha Brussels.

They will talk about agroecology, biotechnologies for a sustainable agriculture, rural development of Third World countries, the science of biofortification and the ethics and aesthetics of food. After listening to their ideas and knowledge, you’ll get a chance to exchange with the panel during a discussion-debate and to network around a drink and food.

Researchtalks idea is to discover new things, meet interesting people, and to share knowledge. Join us for this event on food and agriculture on May 13, 2013! Registration is free but mandatory. Book your seat.

 Planet, Whats going on with my food?

Discover the speakers.


19.00 – 19.30: Welcome (be on time!)
19:30 – 21:00: Talks

  • Brandon Mitchener: What is Sustainable Agriculture? Using technology to improve food, agriculture and people’s lives
  • Christian Hermans: Crop biofortification: a solution to human malnutrition?
  • Olivier De Schutter: Agroecology as a new agricultural model
  • Alain Laigneaux: Le rôle d’une coopération bilatérale dans le renforcement des systèmes d’agricultures familiales et les liens de marché.
  • Claude Pohlig: Slow Food, la centralité de la nourriture pour une consommation au quotidien d’une alimentation durable
  • Alok Nandi: Ethics & Aesthetics – Food Systems & Urban Stories

21:00 – 21:45: Discussion
21:45 – 23:45: Networking drink

“Events” page updated!

ResearchTalks is having a make-over. Check out the new and improved Events page!

Hacking, the Bad and the Good

ResearchTalks42 1024x727 Hacking, the Bad and the Good

ResearchTalks is back in October, and this time, mind your data, because we will talk about hacking!

For this panel, we have invited the father of smart card protection, a hacker who developed a system to listen to conversation on GSM network by using cheap cell phones and open source softwares, a researcher in cybercrime and Chairman of the Cyber Security Commission of the European Corporate Security Association, a detective chief inspector at the Federal Computer Crime Unit who will give a demo on how users can leak privacy using some common devices, a hacker and passionate about Reverse Engineering, the Director of the Belgian FFII, fighting for free competition and open standards in data processing and other speakers that will give us more insight on hacking. As usual, we will have the opportunity to interact afterwards during a debate and a networking drink.

Save the date: 22/10/2012, Louvain-La-Neuve @ 7:00 pm. Pre-Registration is free but mandatory. Book your seat!

 Hacking, the Bad and the Good


19.00 – 19.30: Registration
19:30 – 21:00: Talks
21:00 – 21:45: Discussion
21:45 – 23:45: Networking drink

Discover the Speakers!

Slides – ResearchTalks Vol.3

Missed the conference of March 12 2012? No problem! We published the slides on slideshare. To read the abstracts of the talks, go to page discover the speakers and click on the names!

Pierre Devolder,
« Risk modelling: Is finance compatible with mathematics ? »

Jennifer Nille,
« Markets in the dark: The rise of the robot market »

Sylvie Focquet,
« Dependency on rating agencies : Can we trust them? »

Bernard Dewit,
« China’s role in today’s world changing economy: Friend or Foe ? »

Bruno Colmant,
« Les prochaines conflagrations économiques »

Christian Arnsperger, « Transition to a green economy »

View more presentations from ResearchTalks.

Economic Armageddon

6107792072 8538fedd62 Economic Armageddon5121185965 45a694c6b8 m Economic Armageddon

On March 12th, ResearchTalks will focus on the economic problems we are currently facing. Among the topics to be discussed, there will be: the state of the financial market, the [global] financial crisis, the emerging powers…

The whole world has been concerned by the recent economic crisis. But what can we expect in the next few months? How should we react to these series of inflations and recessions? Should we trust rating agencies? What will be the future of the financial market economy? During this third episode of ResearchTalks, we will talk about problems of the current [global] economy, the questions that arise, the ethics of different actors worldwide and the evolution of the financial economics.

“Economic Armageddon” will feature speakers such as Bruno Colmant, author of many financial publications, Christian Arnsperger, economist and philosopher, Jennifer Nille, journalist specialized in financial markets, Pierre Devolder, professor in actuarial sciences, Bernard Dewit, chairman of the Belgian – Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Sylvie Focquet, quantitative risk analyst, and Olivier Bonfond, economist at the CADTM. This conference will bring a new view of economics. It will stir up some heated debate!

FREE ticket but subscription MANDATORY.

 Economic Armageddon

Discover the speakers.


19.00 – Welcome
19.30 – Talks

  • Pierre Devolder, “Risk modelling: Is finance compatible with mathematics?”
  • Jennifer Nille, “Markets in the dark: The rise of the robot market”
  • Sylvie Focquet, “Dependency on rating agencies : Can we trust them?”
  • Olivier Bonfond, “Devons-nous payer la dette?
  • Bernard Dewit, “China’s role in today’s world changing economy: Friend or Foe?” 
  • Bruno Colmant, “Les prochaines conflagrations économiques”
  • Christian Arnsperger, “Transition to a green economy”

21.00 – Q&A session moderated by Nicolas Stievenard
21.45 – Networking Drink

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Slides – ResearchTalks Vol. 2

Missed the talks on Monday 10/10/’11? We have published the slides on slideshare
and below the summary.

Laurent Francis, Lab on a chip … or chip in the lab ?

Medical and environmental diagnosis is benefiting from the recent efforts in device miniaturization and nanobiotechnology. Small devices able to analyze minute amounts of patient samples have gone their way in laboratories. Those devices are called “lab on a chip” or “µTAS” (micro total analysis system). Their purpose is a faster and easier detection of cancer markers, pathogens, bacteria, etc … for healthcare, food analysis and the overall environmental quality. Despite their high potential value, most of the designed and fabricated devices are still at the research level and remain as “chips in the lab”. The presentation goes over the current trends in lab on a chip..

Christine Dupont, From the design of smart surfaces to tissue engineering

Tissue engineering is a promising approach to repair damaged or diseased tissues. While cells are usually seeded in a scaffold before implantation, the production of cell sheets constitutes an alternative offering many advantages. The harvesting of such cell sheets is however challenging. Recently, smart surfaces have been elaborated, that allow intact cell sheets to be collected by means of a simple temperature change.

Jean Delbeke, Neural stimulation, challenges and success

Hercules Pereira Neves,  Interfacing with individual cells in the brain
Due to NDA restrictions at IMEC, slides will not be shared. However, one can find some research works from the author at the NeuroProbes Consortium website.

Future of medical treatments through Bionanotechnology, Neural Engineering and Biosensors Systems

Following success of “Fukushima, and now?“, we’ll do it again. The 2nd edition of ResearchTalks Night will be held on Monday 10/10/11 in Louvain-la-neuve.

Speakers will cover various topics in biomedical engineering. Both, engineers and doctors will get on stage to present the latest innovations in the field, achievement and challenge. Afterwards participants are invited to meet, share ideas and network over a beer. Discover the speakers!

19.00: Welcome
19.30: Talks

  • Laurent Francis, “Lab on a chip … or chip in the lab ? “
  • Christine Dupont, “From the design of smart surfaces to tissue engineering.”
  • Hercules Pereira Neves, “Interfacing with individual cells in the brain.”
  • Jean Delbeke, “Stimulation of the nervous system, success and challenge”.

21.00: Networking

Auditorium SUD 09

 Future of medical treatments through Bionanotechnology, Neural Engineering and Biosensors Systems

“Fukushima, and now?” Storified

Fukushima, and now ?

Happy to launch the first of many upcoming ResearchTalks nights,
check-out the great line-up of speakers!

  • Vincent Legat, Emmanuel Hanert, Tsunami modeling, SLIM
  • Michel Giot, Nuclear Energy
  • Bernard Feltz, suspected risk &  burden of proofPrecautionary Principle
  • Patrick Smeesters, Applications of “precautionary principle”, impact of radiation
  • Hamid Aït Abderrahim, Energy issues, futur of nuclear energy, MYRRHA Project
  • Marc Vande Neste, Energy alternatives, Photovoltaics Energy

Benoit Macq will give a short introduction on latest initiatives at UCL.

Tuesday, June 14th 2011 at 20:00
We recommend that you arrive 20 minutes early.
Auditorium BARB 93
Place Sainte Barbe, 1 Louvain-la-Neuve
19.30: Welcome
20.00: Talks  Part I
20.45: Break
21.00: Talks  Part II
22.00: Beers Time

FREE ticket. SUBSCRIPTION mandatory!

button 001 Fukushima, and now ?

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