DJUMP will bring you to ResearchTalks Vol.8!

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What’s Djump?

Djump is a mobile application (iPhone and Android) that offers a new method of urban transportation. Safely move around the city thanks to a community of handpicked drivers. Djump connects you in realtime with an available friendly driver around you.  You can join the Djump community on Facebook!


Free credits for ResearchTalks!

DJump gives all ResearchTalks Vol.8 participant a 10 € coupon! To activate your coupon, download the app and go straight to the section “Add Coupon” to insert the code ‘MOBILITE’.

How does Djump work?

  • Order a driver
  • Your friendly driver picks you up at your requested location
  • Get in the car & say hello to your new buddy
  • Indicate her/him where you need to go
  • She or he will safely drive you there in no time
  • At the end of the ride, make a small donation & rate your experience

Screen Shot 2014 09 04 at 22.45.26 DJUMP will bring you to ResearchTalks Vol.8!

How to access the app?

  • Download the app on the AppStore of the Google Play Store
  • Request an invitation to access the app
  • Click on “Settings” in the left menu and give your personal details such as phone number, email address and credit card information. The Credit card information is mandatory but hey! You already received 10 € for free! You’ll be charged only after your free credits expired
  • Click back to “Home” to connect as a passenger
  • You’re all set!

Wanna become a Djump driver?

If you’re interested in becoming a Djump driver? Check out how you can become one!

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