The ResearchTalks Forest : 1 Participant = 1 Tree

Burkina Faso The ResearchTalks Forest : 1 Participant = 1 Tree
Desertification, working the land – land after 7 years — et copyright © OZG

 ResearchTalks is a free event, but for ResearchTalks Vol.8, we would like to invite all the participants to support an organization whose projects we value.

How about helping us growing a ResearchTalks Forest in Burkina Faso when you attend ResearchTalks 8? Here is the link if you want to learn more about the ResearchTalks Forest! Bring coins, we’ll plant one tree in Burkina Faso for every participant: one Euro can plant one tree!

What’s WeForest ?

WeForest is an international non-profit association, creating an unstoppable movement around biodivertse tree planting. WeForest to date has planted over six million trees and those trees have been planted by villagers, predominantly women, by hand. Apart from the benefits to local people, there is a global benefit inherent in the WeForest approach. Trees planted absorb carbon and create clouds to stabilise our Global Climate.


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