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ResearchTalks Vol.8, « Les véhicules du futur. La mobilité remise en question! »

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 Discover the speakers

ResearchTalks Vol.7, « Flambée du prix du pétrole. Quelles sont les alternatives? Le gaz de schiste, une solution? »

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ResearchTalks Vol.6, « Smart Objects »

ResearchTalks Vol.5, « Planet, what’s going on with my food? »

  • Brandon Mitchener, Monsanto Communication Director EMEA
  • Christian Hermans, Researcher at ULB (Lab of Plant Physiology and Molecular Genetics)
  • Olivier De Schutter, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to food (sick, replaced by Philippe Baret, Professor of genetics and expert in Agroecology
  • Alain Laigneaux, Agricultural advisor at BTC (Belgian Developement Agency)
  • Claude Pohlig, Chef and advocate of the Slow Food movement
  • Alok Nandi, Interaction Designer & Creative Director, Architempo – Organizer of Pecha Kucha Night Brussels

Wendy Bashi, Journalist at Infosud

ResearchTalks Vol.4, « Hacking, the Bad & the Good »

ResearchTalks Vol.3, « Economic Armageddon »

Nicolas Stievenard

ResearchTalks Vol.2, « Future of medical treatments through Bionanotechnology, Neural Engineering and Biosensors Systems »

ResearchTalks Vol.1, « Fukushima, and now ? »