Laurent Francis


Laurent Francis is the Microsystems Chair Holder and Associate Professor at the Polytechnic School of Louvain. His main research interests include co-integrated CMOS MEMS and NEMS sensors, harsh environment ultra-low power sensors, biomedical sensors, atomic layer deposition, bio-inspired approaches and device packaging. His presentation goes over the current trends in lab on a chip..

Abstract: Lab on a chip … or chip in the lab ?
Medical and environmental diagnosis is benefiting from the recent efforts in device miniaturization and nanobiotechnology. Small devices able to analyze minute amounts of patient samples have gone their way in laboratories. Those devices are called “lab on a chip” or “µTAS” (micro total analysis system). Their purpose is a faster and easier detection of cancer markers, pathogens, bacteria, etc … for healthcare, food analysis and the overall environmental quality. Despite their high potential value, most of the designed and fabricated devices are still at the research level and remain as “chips in the lab”. This talk will go over the current trends in lab on a chip with a focus on possible blocking agents that prevent them to spread in the wild.

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