Bruno Colmant


Bruno Colmant is an expert in Corporate and Market Finance, Accounting and Taxation. Guest professor at ICHEC, UCL, and at the Vlerick Leuven Gent School of Management, and former chief of department of the Minister of Finance; he is also the author of many books.

During Economic Armageddon, Bruno Colmant will present a very hot topic that he developed in his last book, written with Benoît d’Udekem, “2011-2013 : Les prochaines conflagrations économiques”. We are currently facing difficult times, where the welfare state, based on the post-war industrialization, is becoming outdated by a fall down of demography and growth. Globalization, on the other hand is submerging the country in a market economy. Our communities are losing their marks, they are more undecided and are waiting in vain for a salvation from the States. It is time to evaluate in the economical situation of our country and take appropriate actions.

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