Antoine Perdaens


Antoine Perdaens will animate the debate at the end of ResearchTalks 4th Edition. Young software engineer that graduated from UCL, Antoine turned his innovative thesis idea into a business. Since 2004, the company he created with Olivier Verbeke, Whatever company, offers a platform of knowledge to individual and companies. One of his most successful developments, Knowledge Plaza, is used in many major companies as a social knowledge management tool. With an entrepreneurial mind, Antoine is also involved in many other projects such as the Webmission, to promote Belgian innovation overseas or also Idealy, a company that focuses on early stage initiatives, supports ideators by providing accessible expertise, connections and financing.

Interested in Reverse engineering, he managed with a friend to break into Belgacom TV’s security system, and other media tools such as iTunes, iPods. If you can understand it, you can break it!

Talk: « Reverse Engineering and Innovation »

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