Olivier De Schutter

Olivier De Schutter is the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food since May 2008.
He is an expert in international and European human rights and monitors the situation of the right to food throughout the world. During our RT5, he will present a very hot topic: the promises of agroecology and the right to food in a world of limited resources.

Professor at UCL and the College of Europe in Belgium, Olivier De Schutter is also a visiting professor at Columbia University. His classes cover subjects as the legal and political economy of hunger, international human rights, fundamental rights and globalization. Mr De Schutter recently participated to the first symposium on Sustainable Development.

During Researchtalks 5, Olivier De Schutter will talk about agroecology. This concept goes beyond the already well-known biological agriculture. It integrates an ecological management of the area being cultivated, such as the economy and the best use of water, fight against erosion, reforestation and puts the accent on the balance between cultivation and soil for a sustainable use of the Earth. Can agroecology be the new model of agriculture? Olivier De Schutter writes in a report that if sufficiently supported, it can double food production in entire regions within 10 years while mitigating climate change and alleviating rural poverty. You can also view Les moissons du futur to understand more about the concept.

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