Didier Delhez

Didier Delhez is co-founder and CTO of Selinko company, a secure and integrated platform giving each object a unique identity that can be verified using an NFC-enabled smartphone. He is also Enterprise Architect and acting CEO for TaktIT, company focusing on information management strategy and software strategy for private companies and public sector. Master in Information Technology from Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix, Namur, Didier has worked for several belgian companies like IBA, Belgacom ICS, Euroclear in architect and management positions.

Every Object has an I…dentity

For ResearchTalks volume 6, Didier Delhez will present the technology behind the Selinko platform and services and show us how it gives identity to objects and giving them life, creating a new way to interact with your objects.
Didier will also show Selinko in action on different objects at the end of the talks.

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