Grégory Sempo

Lecturer at the ULB and associated researcher for the project Insectech of the WBGREEN programme of the Walloon Brabant, Gregory Sempo is currently working on projects such as the polymorphism and work division in ants communities, collective decisions of easily-led species and the creation of mixed societies of robots and insects. The research group in which he works created robots that could interact, and even lead cockroaches in decisions.

For ResearchTalks 6, Gregory Sempo will talk about the Control of animal groups with robotic lures. IT and robotic give ethologists the opportunity to develop autonomous lures able to interact with animals. This recent approach opens new perspectives in terms of fundamental researches as well as in terms of applications. An increasing attention is notably focused on the development of these robots in a context of animal husbandry, welfare and integrated pest management.

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