Hugues Bersini

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Hugues Bersini is Head of the IRIDIA laboratory of artificial intelligence and also professor of artificial intelligence and object-oriented technologies at the ULB. Hugues Bersini is involved in many industrial and EEC projects for the use of adaptive fuzzy or neuro controllers, optimisation algorithms and data mining. A prolific author, his research focuses on different domains of cognitive sciences, AI for process control, connectionism, fuzzy control, lazy learning for modelling and control, reinforcement learning, biological networks, and many others. Hugues Bersini is also used to organizing conference on the different topics of his research and he co-organised the first International Competition on Evolutionary Optimisation Algorithms. You can read his books on basic computer sciences if you want to learn more about object-oriented programming or artificial intelligence.

“Intelligence Artificielle : Passé, Présent et Futur”

During the 6th volume of ResearchTalks, Hugues Bersini will talk about the intelligence of machines and give us an overview of the advancement of the research in this area.

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