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Laurent Eschenauer is an experienced software architect, with a passion for technology and complex systems. Since fall 2010, he is co-founder and CTO of ComodIT, a belgian startup developing an IT Automation platform. Before that, he worked in R&D at Vodafone, and as a management consultant at BCG. Laurent is also an active contributor to various open source projects such as storytlr, the indieweb and nodecopter. Laurent holds an engineering degree from Université de Liège and a Master in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland.

Flying robots in Javascript

Will an autonomous flying robots help you take pictures during your next holidays? Although it may sound like science fiction, it is in fact possible today, and with just a few hundred euro worth of equipment.

Robotics is reaching the stage where every hobbyist can play with it, at low cost, and with accessible programming languages.

Laurent will present the nodecopter project, which aims at sharing and teaching the joy of robotics through the javascript language. He will explain his work on the autonomous flight of a quadricopter, and perform a few demos.

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