Kristine Bitnere

After finishing her studies in her native country, Latvia, Kristine Bitnere oriented her career in the energy sector.
She was responsible for coordination of Latvia’s position on the EU legislative proposals in transport, telecommunication and energy sectors.  After that, Kristine moved to Brussels to work as a consultant specialised in legislation of biofuels trade and the EU renewable energy policy at EUMatrix.
Kristine is still based in Brussels and is manager for the Eastern European and CIS countries at Hart Energy Consulting, where she focuses on automotive fuel quality, alternative fuels, e.g. biofuels, CNG, EVs, climate & air and vehicle policies affecting transport sector. She has always been passionate about energy, mobility and the future of transportation.
She already participated in many international conferences where she discussed the issues of automotive fuel quality and biofuels.
During RT8, Kristine will present (in English!) an overview of three regions the EU, the US and Japan which have the most developed policies in transportation sector.  In particular, she will focus on their experience in pollution reduction from transportation and improving urban mobility. Improving fuel quality (sulfur reduction) and emission (CO and SO) requirements for cars were the first steps in emission reduction from transportation sector and also the major factors in reducing acid rain and lung diseases. Only, after that they started introducing measures to reduce congestion, parking, less cars in the cities – so-called mobility issues. For most of the world (except the US, EU and Japan) actually those aforementioned two factors is still priority to reduce pollution from transport. Smart mobility is second priority.
However, in case of Belgium which is a developed country and where fuel quality is one of the best and vehicle producers have to apply one of the most stringent emission requirements (as in other 27 countries), it is important to speak about mobility because of dieselization problem (PMs, NOx) – very bad for health, congestion, parking.


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