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The sixth sense of objects

TED James Davidson8 300x137 The sixth sense of objects
If we say smart objects, what do you think of?

There are many objects that are becoming more intelligent over the years. The easiest example is a smart phone but think of all the kitchen appliance that you use.

ResearchTalks decided for this autumn volume to talk about smart objects.

On October 23, we have gathered for you a bunch of experts and enthusiasts to explain and showcase smart objects. During the panel, the speakers will talk about small devices that can analyze your physiological parameters in the snap of a finger, they will explain how cockroaches can be charmed and lead by a robot behaving like one of them. We will see how to program a drone or give an identity and a voice to your bag or any object that is dear to you, and hear about the technological advancement in autonomous lawnmowers. Finally, we will also have an overview of smart objects and a give thought on the use of that technology.

Join us on October 23 and be swept off your feet when you see, hear and (research)talk about the sixth sense of objects.

 The sixth sense of objects

Discover the speakers !


19.00 – 19.30: Welcome (be on time!)
19:30 – 21:00: Talks

  • Laurent Eschenauer, Open source hacker. Flying robots in Javascript
  • Sam Lounis De Brouwer, co-founder of Scanadu, TEDxBrussels Director. Scanadu, the medical tricorder
  • Hugues Bersini, Head of  IRIDIA Lab and professor of AI. Artificial Intelligence, yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Didier Delhez, co-founder & CTO at Selinko. Every Object has an I…dentity
  • Grégory Sempo, lecturer & researcher for InsectTech of the Walloon Brabant. Control groups of animals with robotic lures
  • Steve Colens, Inventor, co-founder at Belrobotics. How can your lawnmower be smart enough to handle a golf course alone
  • Lionel ‘Ploum’ Dricot, Futurologist, writer, open source evangelist. The conscience behind objects.

21:00 – 23:45: Discover the objects and the speakers – Networking drink